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24th January 2018

I started an instagram account about two-three months ago, and I must admit I get a lot of inspiration from people I follow. Looking through what was showing up on the last days of December, there were several posts being published regarding deciding on “your word” for 2018. Apparently, if…

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17th January 2018

The other day, I saw a cute drawing of two circles – in one of them it said “Comfort zone”, and in the other “Where magic happens”. In which circle would you prefer to be? Maybe in both!😄 I am more and more into getting out of my comfort zone,…

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12th January 2018

Just wanted to put it out there – how do you feed your mind? Do you have an idea of what you let in, do you have clear boundaries in terms of what you feel is right for your mind to be working on? If we take the example of…

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7th January 2018

During the eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR), participants go through an exercise with the aim to increase awareness of the activities they are involved in on a daily basis. These activities are then, based on how the participant views them, divided into two groups: nourishing and depleting activities.…

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2nd January 2018

I have been thinking about expressing kindness lately. And here I am thinking kindness in words rather than kindness as an act of kindness. I have always liked the expression “actions speak louder than words” as words can often be said without any intention behind them. However I have found…

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18th December 2017

Do you have a routine in the morning – before checking your text messages/the news? I used to literally jump out of bed to get going with my day, knowing I had limited time in the morning to get myself and the children out in time for their school day.…

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9th December 2017

Real self-compassion is something I learned later in life. It is about taking care of yourself. I wanted to write this post now as I feel there are so many expectations coming up this time of year – I realise I also mentioned that in my previous blogpost! Below you…

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7th December 2017

Okay, so Christmas season and all, it is the beginning of December, and I am feeling I am already falling behind… Actually, I am fine, it is more that somewhere in me there is this sense of not living up to expectations for how christmassy it “should” be at home,…

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29th November 2017

When I open my blog to write a new blogpost, it always kindly says in the text box “What’s on your mind?”. Well, non-striving is on my mind! 😄 It’s been on my mind since we discussed it in the mindfulness meditation session I had at home last week. Non-striving…

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3 Days Creating Space Yoga Retreat in Somerset (Feb 9-11)

29th November 2017

Come and join us for a weekend away in a magical retreat centre in Somerset. Nestled in a quiet and secluded location, it is a truly perfect place to relax and regain energy after the long winter months. We will focus on creating space in your mind and body by…

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