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25th February 2021

During the first part of my yoga teacher training my teacher asked what I liked about yoga. Without thinking or hesitating I answered: “The discipline”. As soon as I had said it I regretted it. I was worried that my answer was too strict within a yoga context. The thing…

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21st February 2021

This week I listened to a conversation with John Gray, the relationship counselor and author of “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus”, where he mentioned automatic reaction patterns in times of stress. According to him, when we experience stress, we copy the reactive pattern our parents would go…

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3rd February 2021

In a recent happiness-related article by the Norwegian professor of psychology Ole Jacob Madsen, it was suggested that instead of asking the more usual question “Will this make me happy?” when making a decision about something, we should rather be asking “Will this make me grow?” We all want to…

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