Yoga for Tennis

Tennis is a multi-dimensional sport, and tennis players have unique demands for flexibility, strength and mental concentration. The aim of these sessions is to address the following:

  • Stretching hamstrings and increasing flexibility in hips and back to help the fast lunging, swinging and twisting on court
  • Opening region of shoulders and across chest for more fluid and open swing of racket
  • Lengthening spine and increasing flexibility in spine to improve rotation in ground strokes
  • Increasing leg strength to build more stamina and sense of steadiness on court
  • Improving full-body coordination
  • Developing strength and length evenly to counterbalance what happens on court
  • Bringing a state of calm within and developing greater mind control with breathing techniques

Venue location:

  • Yoga for Tennis is integrated in my Yoga for Sports classes at the moment. If you are interested in 1 to 1 session I can cater for that. Venue in Wimbledon!