Yoga for Horse Riders

Horse riders have unique demands for a stable and strong lower body, a relaxed upper body, a steady breath and strong mental focus.


In addition to improving balance, posture and alignment with yoga poses, the aim of these sessions is to address the following:


  • Stretching tight hamstrings and inner thighs
  • Opening hips for a stronger seat
  • Increasing strength in core
  • Lengthening spine to counter possible compression in lower back
  • Strengthening muscles in upper back
  • Opening and releasing tension in shoulder region
  • Bringing a state of calm within and developing greater mind control with breathing techniques


Mindfulness for Horse Riders


Practicing mindfulness means practicing “being in the moment”, practicing being aware. By becoming more present on the horse, and more in tune, your communication improves.

Mindfulness helps create a positive and relaxing experience for you and the horse. With simple methods and continuous practice, you will learn how to keep your mind on the riding instead of something else, using your breath and your senses to anchor you in the present moment.

The mindfulness sessions will teach you how to “arrive” in the saddle before leaving the stables, allowing you to start your riding in a state of calm, and enjoy more fully your time out in Wimbledon Common.

How practicing mindfulness can help your horse riding:


  • Mind
    • Becoming more aware of the messages you are sending the horse with your thoughts and emotions, and learning how to quiet your mind to be more present when out riding


  • Body
    • Increasing you awareness regarding your body language on the horse, by noticing contact points between you and the horse, the saddle, the reins


  • Breath
    • Learning breathing exercises to create a sense of calmness and stillness within, and transmitting these feelings to the horse. When the breath is calm, the mind can be calm



Venue location:

Wimbledon Village Stables; 24 High Street, Wimbledon, London SW19 5EA