Beginners&Mixed Level Yoga

My beginners’ course is aimed at anyone interested in being guided through simple yoga postures, leading to an awareness of the body’s aliveness and the presence of breath.

In both the Beginners and Mixed Level courses, the yoga poses will be offered at different levels to allow everyone to have a sense of ease and a feeling of being grounded in every posture. There is no need to be flexible to join a course.

So come and open yourself to movement and breath in the present moment, allowing for a greater sense of wellbeing.

Your body will get stronger and more flexible, your mind calmer and your breathing more relaxed.


After teaching yoga to tennis juniors at the AELTC I am now offering YOGA FOR TEENAGERS. Practising yoga is a great way of reducing stress and becoming more aware of one's body. Yoga will help teenagers with a variety of things, such as their overall wellbeing, their sport, and any kind of stress-related issues such as anxiety and sleeplessness. Classes every Saturday 10-11am at the venue listed below.

Venue location:

At The Shed - Studio at the back of Rosie Q cafe; 255 Coombe Lane, Wimbledon, London SW20 0RH