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27th September 2017

If you google the word ZEN, you will find several definitions. Here, I am choosing a definition of being Zen that I read about in one of Eckhart Tolle’s books, and it goes something like this: “To do one thing at a time”. Starting writing this article standing by the…

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24th September 2017

The hardest thing I have ever done? To let go of my husband. Things were going wrong, I was thinking it was just a difficult phase, a time in a marriage when things are more challenging, but I was simply fooling myself. I probably knew that the marriage could not…

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20th September 2017

Question: “What do you want in life?” Without having to think for any length of time, most people answer “To be happy!”. Now, how about this question: “What would you say matters most in life?” I don’t know if there is a general answer to this one. However, whatever your…

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13th September 2017

Life always happens to us, doesn’t it? For most of us (all of us!) unpredictable things come up and we have to deal with them. We deal with one thing, think we are fine, and then another troublesome thing pops up. It is so inconvenient!! However, according to teachers such…

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10th September 2017

Yielding is a word that now repeatedly comes to mind during my yoga, both during self-practice and when I teach. I am sort of checking if I am yielding! I learned about how it can be used in a yoga context at a Donna Farhi workshop about core stability and…

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