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23rd January 2019

I am lucky to have a dog. In terms of fitness and feeling well, that’s super-lucky because I have to get out in fresh air and nature every single day! Except for when I am away on holiday and don’t bring my dog with me. Then I miss our walks…

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14th January 2019

I like to trust! It is a conscious choice I have made. I have decided I’d rather trust than be skeptical and overdo thinking. Taking inspiration from the bestselling spiritual author Gabrielle Bernstein, I see trust as leaning toward love instead of fear. The word trust has come more into my daily…

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9th January 2019

“I can do what I want”. This is something that has come up for me so many times lately. It feels liberating to know that it is not only something I say, it is something that feels right too. I know the expression may sound childish, as if insisting on…

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