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25th July 2022

The power of the mind is incredible and I believe there is no need to go anywhere to feel good. Still, I have to admit it sometimes helps a lot to take a pause in life and go away. I was on holiday for a few weeks and noticed how…

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19th July 2022

Ever tried waking up with a smile? The other day I was reminded of a short video clip I saw with the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. In the clip he is recommending people to wake up with a smile. His words have stayed with me and now I…

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18th July 2022

Warmest days ever in London now and I have just come back from a holiday in Menton in the South of France. Driving home this past weekend I was thinking of what summer in Menton means to me. I always feel changed and good about life when I come back!…

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2nd July 2022

I am in the South of France at the moment. Always, when arriving here, I go into health mode. Not in a forced way, it just happens. First day out to buy groceries and I am naturally tempted by all the delicious fruits and green salads on display. There are…

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