Warmest days ever in London now and I have just come back from a holiday in Menton in the South of France. Driving home this past weekend I was thinking of what summer in Menton means to me. I always feel changed and good about life when I come back! Since I believe awareness is everything I decided to write down my “facts” about summer in Menton. It would give me an overview of the reality I am in when I am there. Here is what I came up with:


  • waking up earlier than usual to get that daily walk with my dog before it gets too hot.
  • going for a swim in the sea before breakfast, and before the waves or the wind pick up making it a bit less blissful to swim – although the water always feels great.
  • speaking French and learning some Italian, one sentence at the time.
  • flowy clothes, swimwear, no make-up, no jewellery, no TV, no mail, but yes, the phone is still there to catch up on everything that’s happening (sometimes too much…).
  • cold showers several times a day.
  • eating tomatoes every single day, sqeezing fresh orange juice in the morning, buying a melon and cutting it into small pieces to keep in a box in the fridge, so there is always a refreshing snack available throughout the day.
  • worrying about my dog and thinking it is too hot for him and hope he is okay.
  • keeping an eye out for jellyfish while swimming – just in case!
  • meeting and saying hello to the same few people on the beach every morning.
  • having noisy motorcycles driving around, day and night.
  • looking at the sea all the time, and sometimes even seeing the full moon coming up from the sea.
  • having daily interaction with the neighbours. Bonne journee, bonne soiree!
  • meeting friends late afternoon at Cafe Italiano for an Aperol Spritz and some salty snacks.
  • always having a bottle of rose in the fridge.
  • going to the veg and fruit market and being tempted to buy everything.
  • daily outdoor yoga and a feeling of space and freedom, both internally and externally.
  • taking the train across the border to Ventimiglia, Italy, on a Friday, and do some shopping at the amazing weekly market.

Most of all, summer in Menton means living outdoors most of the time, and living with the sun. It is easy then to feel joy in just being (=accepting life as it is in the moment) and let go of stress (=wanting things to be different and wanting to be somewhere else).

Voila! Go for presence, a slower pace of outdoor living, healthy eating, and gratitude for what you have. A combination that makes me feel like a natural woman 🙂 It is good to realise that this is possible most places, also at home. I wish you a beautiful summer! I hope you will be spending time in a place you enjoy, where there is nature around, and where you will feel relaxed, energised and free.

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Annette Wiik

My name is Annette. I am a Yoga Academy Certified Teacher (BWY-Accredited School) and started practising Hatha Yoga over 20 years ago. Holding a certificate from Bangor University to teach mindfulness-based courses, I incorporate my knowledge of mindfulness meditation in all my yoga classes. I have two grown-up children.