My word for 2019 has been TRUST and it was fun at the start of the year to have it in mind as I went through my days. And then after a while it somehow disappeared from my focus. Until my big two-week trip with my mum and sister to Antarctica this December.

While away at the start of the month there were so many times I found myself in situations when the what, how and when was not in my control and the word trust came into my mind again, thankfully! As I thought about it today, I can see how trusting helped me to be in the moment for most of the trip, and how it also helped me surrender and get more enjoyment out of everything I did while away. Basically, getting more enjoyment out of LIFE.

An example comes to mind when trust came in big time:

When we went kayaking in Antarctica – and I have no experience in kayaking – I trusted everything the guides were telling me about security. I do not consider myself a brave person! So trusting and have zero worries about the depths underneath me, not feeling nervous about being next to the tall ship in a tiny kayak, not worrying about falling into the freezing water just 20 cm below my seat, and not being nervous about the possibility of a humpback whale (or humpback whales!) showing up next to the kayak – that kind of trust was a big thing for me. I remember only thinking “this is so exciting and so amazing, I am so grateful and how did I get so lucky”.

With my sister we had signed up for a few exciting activities such as the kayaking and also sleeping outdoors one night – brand new adventures for both of us. We signed up and then let go. We didn’t ask or check with the crew when and where and if the activities were going to take place and whether we had been selected to be part of them. We just trusted the best thing would happen! That’s where I believe the power lies for good things to come your way and I wish I could be there all the time. It is about overcoming yourself and not do your usual thing but decide to trust, let go, be patient and see what comes.

So, all the time while away, trusting, trusting, trusting. Trusting that the ship would handle the big waves in the Drake Passage, trusting the captain’s navigation of the ship between the icebergs, trusting that we were in safe distance from parts of glaciers that could fall off the edges of islands and mainland at any time as we were out boat cruising. Trusting that we would see whales and that the sun would shine! All in all, trusting that good things happen most of the time and that we are always at the right place at the right time. Hey, we are all exactly where we are supposed to be all the time.

There is so much power when you realise this…


So now, hope you are getting ready to enjoy a brand new year? And perhaps give trust a try? Happy New Year! ❤️

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Annette Wiik

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