Health trends come and go and some trends stay longer than others. Now the global celery juice movement, started by Anthony William (a.k.a. Medical Medium) has finally caught my attention. Body and mind work together. I am a strong believer that if I do something good in one area it will benefit the whole! As I pondered about the title for this article I googled “elixir” for the meaning of the word. This came up: “A natural drink with medicinal properties that help to heal the body”. Maybe this is the power of the celery juice? As I read more about it I see it has major healing benefits that are helping people around the world.

I am trying the celery juice out of curiosity for what it can do for me. The reasons for starting celery juicing came from 1) A friend telling me her skin started glowing within a week of having this green drink daily, 2) It hydrates and helps reduce inflammation in the body, and 3) I have a big juicer I have not used for several years – maybe the celery is the golden produce that would make me use it again?

Since last Monday I have been drinking the juice of an entire bunch of celery every morning before breakfast. I leave the sticks under running water so there is no dirt on them before they go into the machine. For full effect it is advised to avoid adding water, lemon or other ingredients. I read somewhere that the celery leaves can make the juice taste bitter so I have so far made the juice without the leaves. I also read that organic celery is preferable but not a must. Ps. If you try it it is recommended to wait twenty minutes after having the juice before eating or drinking anything else.

Here is what is true for me this first week:

  • With no health conditions in mind to cure I noticed a surprising feeling on day three. My stomach felt at peace! It was surprising as I had not realised I wasn’t at peace there already.
  • It makes me feel good knowing I am putting something healthy into my body.
  • I feel less thirsty in the morning now after drinking the juice so have to remember to drink water as well.
  • I like chocolate and other sweet things and have noticed I have started to forget that I am needing it???
  • I am unsure if my skin has starting glowing… yet!
  • Conclusion: I plan to keep going.

I tend to trust health information that seems good and I do feel good about this juice. Please note I am not a nutritionist, I am simply sharing my experience. In case you are interested in quick celery juice benefits presented by its founder, I have included a two-minute video for you below.

I wish you well! Till next time, Annette X


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