It is March and I am in the South of France and can’t believe my luck. At the same time, in these past few weeks, thoughts have been coming up regarding the situation I was in March of last year. Someone had taken me to court twice and I was about to go to court for the first time in March 2022 – and a second time a couple of months later.

I think I dealt with the court cases quite well. I decided beforehand to trust the court and accept the outcome. I also made a point of feeling grateful for the result of the court cases before they had taken place. I envisioned myself walking out of the court room feeling happy and laughing with my friends. Before it all started I had invited friends to come over for champagne the same day to celebrate that everything had gone well. And in my opinion it did.

After that I went on holiday, dealt with the sale of my house and my move to another country. Other important things took over. There is a big power in letting go of what no longer serves us. As I am having these thoughts now, I realise I did not allow the frustration, fear and anger to be fully expressed. The whole court case thing just felt unreal.

Anyway, here is what I learned! It is easy to cover up difficult events in our life or play them down for what they meant to us emotionally. It is also easy to play the victim. I learned that it is possible to appreciate the tougher moments even when it doesn’t make sense. It turned out that the challenging events of last spring helped me get to where I am today – hello sunshine!

One more thing about thoughts and emotions: It is not helpful to push them to the side. They just get stored within and can come up at any time. Good to know that an emotion is an energy field within us and not who we are. In order to deal properly with what happened I am going to sit, close my eyes, and be present for the unpleasant emotions that are still within me. By noticing them and accepting them as they are, and not judging myself for having them, I will be able to let them go for real.

It is challenging to be human and so exciting too, because we get to experience and learn so much.

Wishing you well! Annette X

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Annette Wiik

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